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Live with pest free life. We bring happiness to many People by managing various pests efficiently As such no introduction is required about the organization as the name itself the "Swami Pest Control" give some idea about this organization.
Swami Pest is the Prestigious organisation of Mr. Deepak Surve Consultant & services provider of pest control services to all clients of Mumbai since 1998. This organization is rendering high quality services to the leading industries, commercial and housing societies. Main theme of this organization is to provide quality services of the customer satisfaction.

This organisation is actively involved in pest Control Associates like PCAI. PMA. to maintain the pest management more effectively without disturbing the eco-system. We treat the problem of pests in right manner with right concentrated chemicals.

So, we are here to protect your Health, Property & Environment by managing the pests in right manner.

Welcome to the official website of Swami Pest Control services. Here at we are proud to offer a complete range of, services consultancy, and solutions to our existing and future customers alike.

Swami Pest Control was started on 2011 

Swami then expanded to all over .

Swami has treated  Mumbai for termite control, more than any other pest control company besides doing pest control treatment for all types of pests in all kinds of premises such as hotels, restaurants, factories, households, offices and hospitals.

Cockroach and
Ants Control
Bed Bugs Control
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